Creates a better Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics Organization

The WITTBIX Model provides six key components of any Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics organization that must be implemented to get the best out of your business. The WITTBIX Model applies to big, medium and small-sized businesses in any industry.

The Self-Service Business Intelligence framework provides clear structures to the organization and aligns Business and IT in the best possible way. It allows Business-users creating reports and analytical models with minimal interaction of IT.

Based on defined standards, e.g. processes, responsibilities, KPIs, a defined tool portfolio or visualization options, the users can interact flexibly without being slowed down by unneeded discussions or idle time waiting on IT for creating their reports.

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main processes

The 22 main processes provide a full picture of the WITTBIX model including the central performance processes, management processes and support processes for Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics.

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The 17 sub-processes in the WITTBIX model focus on the alignment of Business and IT providing the optimal Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics flow of results in your daily business.

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The 370 tasks structured in swim-lane diagrams show what to do in order to create the results from the 17 sub-processes. Here the WITTBIX models connects tasks to specific roles and explain who is doing what.

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The 18 roles in the WITTBIX Model are based on the 370 tasks which structure the responsibilities and needed capabilities for every person in your organization based on the role description. They connect nicely to every needed result in all Business Intelligence & Analytics relevant processes.

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The 6 committees from the WITTBIX Model will support your strategic decision-making processes for all Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives in the best possible way. Integrating those committees in your organization and processes will improve your cross-functional decision-making process.

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organizational models

Depending on your company’s focus there are 4 options for integrating the WITTBIX model in your organization. With an evaluation based on pros and cons, we will help you decide on the best option for your company.