With our Business Intelligence & Analytics focused services we provide everything you need to make your organization and initiatives even more successful. Our team delivers high-quality results in various areas to make every single Business Intelligence & Analytics initiative more efficient, to safe costs and increase growth by providing the right organizational model.

Business Intelligence

Together with you WITTBIX develops the right strategic foundation for your Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives.

Business Intelligence

For a long-term success of your Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions, WITTBIX aligns your organization with your company’s processes and introduces the needed BI Governance.

Business Intelligence Project & Program

With our team, we make things happen and achieve great success by managing Time, Quality and Budget in the right way for your Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives.


Train your employees on our model is key to success. We will equip your employees to implement our model like an expert. Based on our training they will adjust quickly to their new responsibilities and roles.


Develop your strategic foundation for Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives

Why do you need a Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy?

Many companies provide their C-Suite & Management with reports from various sources which include similar key performance indicators having different content, are contradictory or simply not correct. Users are unsatisfied with the performance of the analysis and reporting systems, poor or unclear data quality, heterogeneous and complex system environments with low flexibility, as well as undefined analytic processes which increase the costs because of a vast diversity of software licenses and high manual data preparation, analysis and reporting effort.

This results from a missing Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy focusing on an integrated approach instead of having competing information systems.

To be successful Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives need a long-term approach which is aligned with the overall company and IT strategy. To achieve the goal of an integrated and effective cross-functional Information Management all organizational, technical and business-related aspects need to be structured and integrated into a consistent Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy.

We help you create a Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy

WITTBIX helps you by bringing all 3 perspectives of a Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy together and creates an integrated, consistent approach together with you. Based on a status-quo analysis we create recommendations for changes and a defined roadmap to deliver the needed results by with focus on:


Based on WITTBIX’s own and unique Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics model we develop a custom-fit organizational recommendation with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, processes, organizational structures, etc.


WITTBIX optimizes BI-specific and analytical business processes by a clear orientation towards the business and IT department in regard to a general business strategy.


WITTBIX develops an individual BI-strategy to streamline, standardize and consolidate the BI tools based on an architecture as well as a company-wide, homogeneous database with consistent KPI definitions.


The organizational Governance brings your Business Intelligence & Analytics Experience
to a whole new level

Why do you need a Business Intelligence & Analytics organization?

The right internal Business Intelligence Organization and Governance is an important topic for many companies. New market trends, shifting business needs, constantly changing requirements as well as growing knowledge within the organization for Business Intelligence & Analytics is creating dynamic demands which need to be addressed by the right organizational structure.

An organization for Business Intelligence & Analytics is the foundation for a successful and long-term oriented realization of the defined BI Strategy. It reduces discussions about responsibilities and creates clarity for your employees. Determined competencies, roles, processes, and standards avoid uncontrolled and uncoordinated creation of results and using of various Business Intelligence & Analytics tools resulting in high costs.

As processes are fundamental to every company’s performance, WITTBIX can provide a much-needed degree of objectivity with an assessment of your current processes and identify and prioritize opportunities to improve.

35 percent of the top 5,000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions
because they lack the right information, processes, and tools.

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Your benefits from the right Business Intelligence & Analytics organization

WITTBIX provides an internationally proven organizational model for your individual demands. With our structured approach and methodology, we create benefits in various areas of your company:

  • Highest flexibility for your Business users based on a determined organizational structure for Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Minimized need of intervention of IT, based on an organizational integration of Business Intelligence & Analytics in your company
  • Integrated key performance indicators with established Data Governance processes
  • Optimized structures and automated processes in your organization to act quickly and flexibly on changing demands
  • Defined roles and responsibilities to avoid permanent discussions
  • Fully integrated approach for your organization minimizes the costs for your Information Management initiatives

The technology for Business Intelligence & Analytics is very often not the main challenge in companies anymore, but to determine the right organization with specific standards for a holistic Governance.

Dr. Tobias S. Witte, President & Founder of WITTBIX

We help you create the right organization for your Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives

In a typical project the following steps are performed by the WITTBIX team to achieve the described benefits and results:

  • Perform a gap analysis to determine your specific needs based on your BI Strategy
  • Determine the maturity of your Business Intelligence organization based on Self-Service Maturity Model from The Data Warehouse Institute
  • Identification of all relevant Business Intelligence and Analytics user and their responsibilities in your organization
  • Customization of needed roles based on the WITTBIX Model
  • Definition of responsibilities (tasks, budget, results) for every single role based on the WITTBIX Model
  • Establishment of committees for increasing the speed of strategic decision making utilizing the WITTBIX Model
  • Determine the organizational structure for an optimal integration in your organization oriented on the WITTBIX Model
  • Utilize the process architecture from the WITTBIX Model to slim-line your business and IT processes for Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Definition of your individual training strategy for the determined roles


We keep your project on time and in budget while delivering the expected result

Certified by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and Scrum Alliance and with a combined experience of >100 projects within our team we are Project Management experts. If you want to establish our unique WITTBIX Model or if you are transforming your company – WITTBIX is right here for you to suit your project management needs through effective planning, management, and controls. We keep the balance between quality, time and budget for you.

Each of our team members has a broad experience in managing projects and programs. At the same time they all are known for their mentoring and coaching skills to engange your employees and support your Project Managers in the best way to lead the initiative to success.

We deliver:

  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Project communication
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project documentation
  • Change Management
  • Project tracking

Our proven Project Management approach with PMI & IPMA certified Project Managers includes:

  • Feature-Driven Development
  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Software Development Cycle (SDLC)


Transferring knowledge is the key to engage your employees

WITTBIX is helping you to enhance your BI experience. But who is experiencing BI in your company? The key users – in IT as well as on the business side. To make sure everyone is familiar with the newly implemented WITTBIX Model and the roles and processes, we also use our expertise to offer customized training.

Whether you’re training only the key users or the whole management team, we will provide training material for our WITTBIX Model and will adjust the training contents to the needs of your company and the defined target group(s).

Our standard training for key users includes e.g.:

  • Introduction: The WITTBIX Model and its benefits for the key users
  • New processes and subprocesses within your company
  • New roles and responsibilities for the key users
  • Exercise: Before vs. after – What has changed for key users?
  • Best practices from former WITTBIX Model implementations


After a first training, we will conduct short follow-up training sessions during the first weeks after implementation to discuss questions and best practices. That way we ensure the successful implementation of the WITTBIX Model in its entirety.