To ensure your company is ready for future technologies and your employees can adjust to a constantly changing environment, WITTBIX is following the proven approach:


This approach provides a way to put all needed aspects together, incorporate the WITTBIX Model for Self-Service Business Intelligence and Analytics into your organization and to lead your teams to success.

Dr. Witte proved a very structured, analytical and methodical approach that manifests itself
in an exquisite, highly reliable project management and outstanding presentations of final project results.

Thomas Mueller, Group Leader / Senior Manager, Bosch

Step 1: ANALYZE.

Here happens the digging

We analyze your pain points, capabilities, and processes:

  • Existing pain points
  • Your capabilities
  • Current maturity of your BI organization
  • Existing organizational structure
  • Your business and IT requirements
  • Current business processes
  • Existing Key Performance Indicator definitions


Here happens the work

We optimize your BI-Strategy, organization, and processes together with you:

  • Create your individual roadmap for optimization
  • Define your future BI-Strategy
  • Adapt our WITTBIX Model to meet your needs
  • Re-engineer business processes to allow Self-Service BI
  • Define and implement roles and responsibilities for business and IT adjust existing organizational structure
  • Define standards for enterprise-wide KPI definitions and visualization

Step 3: PERFORM.

Here happens all the performance (and magic)

We help you perform better in your daily business:

  • Coach employees after implementation of WITTBIX Model
  • Review and track changes based on initial analysis
  • Create & communicate success stories
  • Last but certainly not least: Utilize and enjoy your adapted WITTBIX Model!

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