Professional Consulting Services for Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics

Dr. Tobias S. Witte invented the worldwide first and unique Self-Service Business Intelligence Model which will dramatically change today‘s
Business Intelligence & Analytics experience.

The WITTBIX Model is based on the method PROMET from St. Gallen, many years of consulting experience and last but not least the entrepreneurial spirit from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

To make this Model accessible to everyone he founded together with his business partners WITTBIX LLC.


We will become the number-one provider in the U.S. and Europe for Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics Governance Services.


We change the way Business & IT are cooperating in any industry for a better Business Intelligence & Analytics experience.


Grow in the local market by delivering
excellent services
with the best-in-class team.

The Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics market is growing rapidly and WITTBIX is leading the way for a real change. In fact, WITTBIX provides the worldwide first and unique model for Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics: The WITTBIX Model. Read more

Combined with its Professional Consulting Services WITTBIX brings Business & IT on the same page by creating a determined Business Intelligence & Analytics Governance Model. The WITTBIX Model was developed in Germany together with experts from Fortune 500 corporations, e.g. Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Atos, and Bosch.

With WITTBIX’s portfolio, we make a better Business Intelligence & Analytics experience for clients across all industries. WITTBIX creates the needed foundation for the implementation of cutting-edge Technology like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning based on a proven approach.

WITTBIX provides you with professional
Consulting Services and the worldwide first and unique
Self-Service Business Intelligence Model

to create a better user experience!